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Rules of the forums

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Rules Of These Forums
First of all, i would like to welcome all of you to steroidcommunity. The emphasis on class and respect are earned here not bought so hang out for a while read and post and you might just earn it.

Rules for the forums:
1: These are not here to suffocate you in the least. Just the opposite and if everyone followed them. It makes the forums a great place to learn and interact with your fellow
Brothers & Sisters of iron" .. But to be a member here, You must also participate. Ask yourself this. "If no one ever posts, what would there be to read after a while?" So, make some new friends.. And most importantly, be a productive member

Intolerance... We have a no flame policy which in part you'll read again in the debating/arguing part of these rules. Racism, bigotry or discrimination Will not be tolerated and if you continue down that path, you will be banned. We strive for mutual respect both in members and Moderators alike.

Debating verses Arguing
We are human and we, at times, are going to have a difference of opinions.. Not one person here is better than the next.. You may be more knowledgeable at times. But that doesn't give you or anyone the right to act above and or disrespect anyone. We all are here to learn, listen and make some new friends along the way. That has been my philosophy and seems to have worked well.
We encourage debates, discussions and the exchange of ideas. Thats how we learn, but there is a right way and a wrong way in going about it. Present ideas in a respectful and rational manor with all the enthusiasm you can muster is the right way.
When you start insulting, berating or name calling. Thats when a debate turns to just grade school arguing and that we will not permit.

Check your Ego's at the door.
You, me nor any member need a person that is so full of themselves that they think they are better than the others here.
You may be bigger, leaner, stronger, faster..etc.. That doesn't make you the least bit more important than any others.. Be above that. If you are one of those things I mentioned.. Then for Pete's sake..Be above all the pettiness we see at other places. Help teach or be a mentor to the guys and gals that are coming up behind you wanting to learn yearning for knowledge that you posses So share it with others and be "The Better Man"

Trolling, spammers, scammers
Trolling is most of the time just defines as a person that wants nothing more than to cause disruption in any conversation or debate. The more you "came back" at them, the more they win. So don't do it.. Come to a Moderator and tell us about it.
We also have a forum where you can talk to all the moderators at once. Which is preferred, due to the reason that if you only contact one Moderator about this, he may be out of town and your problem not be solved. Plus we can discuss this with you as a whole. Only you and the staff can see an threads/responses that are place in Secured Questions

I would like to add a separate definition for trolling.. A person who has come here for nothing more that to try temp members to go to a different site.. usually their own, or they are trying to win some sort of prize. They will use the PM (personal Message) system to do this. Again, ask yourself why are they doing this in private? Could be several reasons.. They have a site with sources on them ..Changes are they are the source themselves and are truly a scammer posing as a good guy .. just trying to help out.. Report these people.
This would also apply to straight up scammers. They prowl the boards looking for people with low post counts asking certain types of questions. It's then they will send you a PM OR email , out of the blue, willing to "Help you out" or Has a good friend" Report these guys!
Spammers are just how the word sounds.. they come onto a board usually only having one post and it's a spam posts.. Don't click on it as it may try to install adware/Trojan or it may just be a pay per click program.. But either way it is not tolerated. Report these people.

If you own a company
Beit supplement company or other, If you wish to be a sponsor here, then contact me. (Thehulk)
There is no spamming member's through SM's or Emails.. as well as no links in your signatures. It's not fair to the sponsors that help keep the site running.
The emphasis on class and respect are earned here not bought so hang out for a while read and post and you might just earn it.

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